Medical Equipment Leasing
United Healthcare specialise in providing cost-effective leasing solutions for medical equipment. Such solutions recognise the need for off balance sheet treatment and frequently include low-cost upgrades and maintenance packages offering significant savings when compared with traditional procurement methods.

United Healthcare provides a free lease assessment service to NHS Trusts. Under this arrangement United Healthcare carries out an audit of existing leases and identifies areas where additional cost/benefits may be possible. Subject to agreement on cost/benefit sharing with the Trust, United Healthcare then negotiates with lessors and equipment suppliers to achieve the desired result. This is a win/win solution for NHS Trusts as our fees are paid from the savings we are able to generate.

Medical Equipment Audits and Analysis
Many hospitals operate several unrelated systems for recording medical equipment items. These are maintained usually by both the EBME and Finance Departments. Medical equipment is procured by various means, including direct purchase, rent, lease, loan and consumables based arrangements and is also maintained in many different ways. Frequently an audit reveals significant differences between the paper records and the medical equipment physically in the hospital. Even where individual items are tagged there is often a paper-based system for recording the data making it extremely difficult to analyse this most important asset register.

United Healthcare has the expertise and resources to carry out equipment audits from simple accurate asset logging to full condition surveys for use when transferring assets to new sites or Management.

United Healthcare provides a service able to audit the inventory of an entire hospital or a single department, presenting the results in a variety of electronic formats allowing for flexible reporting.

If required United Healthcare can use this data to:

  • Reconcile the various equipment data bases
  • Identify duplicate, surplus and no longer required items
  • Analyse the most cost effective maintenance arrangements
  • Analyse equipment leases and recommend cost savings
  • Make proposals for disposal of inappropriate equipment
  • Identify opportunities for low cost upgrades
  • Introduce systems to ensure records are automatically updated
  • Make proposals for Managed Equipment Services including payment related performance

This service is of particular value to NHS Trusts who are considering inviting tenders for Managed Equipment Services since accuracy of the tender data is essential to ensure there are no equipment shortfalls which have to be accommodated once the contract has commenced.

Bid/Consortium Management
United Healthcare’s professional Bid Management service ensures that bids are pro-actively managed by a very experienced manager who fully understands the NHS PFI approval process and all aspects of “winning bids”. We have an 80% success rate, which we are keen to protect, so will only undertake projects where we have a very high level of confidence in achieving a successful financial close.

We have strong links with Health Planners, Construction contractors, Architects, M&E contractors, Structural Engineers and support services providers, such as Facilities Management companies, IT and Equipment Suppliers, within the PFI sector.

We act for both the public and private sectors and have an extremely thorough understanding of the PFI process and Standard Form Contracts, as well as bid management and the arrangement of funding for PFI projects.

Our Bid Management services include:

  • Acting as first point of contact between the Trust and the Consortium
  • Developing the Consortium’s bid strategy
  • Chairing Trust and Consortium bid meetings
  • Developing the bid programme, roles and responsibilities
  • Managing communications with the Trust and within the Consortium team
  • Managing bid issues and risks
  • Managing the bid development process
  • Arranging equity and project finance
  • Managing bid clarification and the process through to selection as preferred bidder
  • Managing the process from selection as preferred bidder through to financial close
  • Bid administration, including arranging meetings, producing agendas and minutes, contact lists, issues/risk registers, formatting and editing bid documents

Our Consortium Management services include:

  • Acting as first point of contact between the Trust and the Consortium for any non routine matters
  • Monitoring and reporting on performance
  • Chairing regular management meetings with Trust and Consortium representatives
  • Managing communications with the Trust and within the Consortium team
  • Identifying issues/risks and implementing mitigating action plans
  • Managing third party income
  • Arranging equity and project finance