United Healthcare is a specialist niche healthcare development consultancy focusing on privately financed developments, and medical equipping. We have been involved with over 25 major Private Finance Initiative (“PFI”) and Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) Health projects since 1994.

We are specifically and totally focused on PFI projects in the healthcare and health development sector; bringing our extensive knowledge and experience to the most complex of projects in order to help the NHS realise their vision and meet the Government’s national healthcare needs.

We have a thorough understanding of the healthcare sector including current legislation, past and future trends and clinical requirements.  We are committed to the creation of healing environments through a holistic approach to architecture, interior design, art and landscaping, as well as patient focused cleaning and catering services.

United Healthcare’s core services include PFI Bid and Consortium Management, managing projects from £5-500m. These services are supported and complemented by our PFI consulting services, particularly in the areas of bid management, finance and equipping.

Bid Management
United Healthcare’s professional Bid Management service ensures that bids are pro-actively managed by a very experienced manager who fully understands the NHS PFI approval process and all aspects of “winning bids”. We have an 80% success rate, which we are keen to protect, so will only undertake projects where we have a very high level of confidence in achieving a successful financial close.

 Private Finance
Affordability and value for money (VFM) is always an issue with NHS projects. We regularly facilitate affordability reviews for both the NHS and private sector consortia. We provide solutions that are both affordable and best value for money by developing an effective understanding of Trusts’ requirements, combined with intelligent and pro-active finance solutions.

Medical Equipment
Equipping is an area where many NHS Trusts lack resource. We believe it is vital that all healthcare and hospital developments are built around their core medical equipment requirements. We work closely with medical equipment suppliers and relevant Trust staff to ensure a full understanding of equipment requirements on projects. Thereby ensuring that the right equipment is provided at a cost that the Trust can afford.